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First of all, apologies to my readers. I experienced a lengthy hiatus where I failed to update my website. This resulted from pouring all of my writing energies into an epic fantasy series, as well as some short fiction I’ve had to wedge in here and there.

I’m returning to update my website by announcing a surprise: I’ll be participating in the National Novel Writing Month project this November. I’ve been wary of this project in the past, unsure of whether or not it would suit me. I’ve also been leery of participating because it would break up my work on other projects.

Well, I find myself bogged down in my major epic fantasy work, and in need of another project, a project to cleanse my writing palate, as it were. With this in mind, I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo, starting November 1st.

If you wish to find my project on the site, my user name is stout_rugger, my location is Pittsburgh, PA, and my project is entitled Rough Draft: Threedom. Yeah, I don’t usually come up with a real, full title until I progress pretty far into a piece and can feel what it should be called. The story will center around characters from the free city-state of Threedom, and so a draft title was born. And yes, that is a pic of the Gray Mouser from one of Leiber’s book covers. I don’t draw, so I found the coolest pic I could online.

I’ve listed a link to my project below.

So, here’s to a good writing experience, beginning this Saturday, and to a flooded stream of words 🙂

Brandon Ketchum’s Rough Draft: Threedom