Publishing History

Legio Damnati

Find it at Air and Nothingness Press: Legio Damnati

Narrow Margins

Find it in the Air and Nothingness Press Polis Anthology: Narrow Margins

Through a Poisoned Stream I Flow

Find it here: Through a Poisoned Stream I Flow

Halloween Nosh

Find it here: Halloween Nosh

Josiah Luck, Plumber (of Oddities)

But it here: Josiah Luck, Plumber (of Oddities)

Mr. Leiber’s Collection

Find it here: Mr. Leiber’s Collection

Now in Crimson Streets #5 as well: Mr. Leiber’s Collection

Surcease of Darkness

Buy it here: Mythic Site

Or here: Amazon

Heart of Christmas

Buy it here: Amazon

From Life I’m Born

Find it here: Centropic Oracle Author Page

Or here: From Life I’m Born

Phaethon’s Grace

Find it in Of Gods and Globes 2 here: Phaethon’s Grace

An Act of Consequence

Find it here: An Act of Consequence

Premium Care

Find it here: Premium Care

Or read it free here: Premium Care

Death for the Living

Purchase it here: Death for the Living


Purchase it here: Converter

Pulchritudinous Professor seeks Sexy Scientific Sage

Purchase it here: Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2012

To Bridge the Night

Purchase it here: Knee Deep in Little Devils

The Grinning Cat

Purchase it here: Gothic Tales of Terror

The Fourth River

Find it here: The Fourth River

The Burning Times

Reviews Here: The Burning Times

How the Zombie Apocalypse Game Me Wood (warning, Rated R)

Purchase it here: How the Zombie Apocalypse Gave Me Wood

Against the Dying

Find it here: Against the Dying

Dark Fiends of the Jungle

Find it here: Dark Fiends of the Jungle

U.S. Marshal

Find it here: U.S. Marshal

The Hazard of Lake Erie

Find it here: The Hazard of Lake Erie

Lady Donegal’s Fuel

Find it here: Lady Donegal’s Fuel

Whisper Me Goodnight

Purchase it here: Whisper Me Goodnight

Rusty Remains

Find it here: Rusty Remains