Publishing History


Through a Poisoned Stream I Flow with Perihelion Science Fiction

Find it here: Through a Poisoned Stream I Flow


Halloween Nosh

Find it here: Halloween Nosh


Josiah Luck, Plumber (of Oddities)

But it here: Josiah Luck, Plumber (of Oddities)


Mr. Leiber’s Collection

Find it here: Mr. Leiber’s Collection


An Act of Consequence with Everyday Fiction

Find it here: An Act of Consequence


Death for the Living

Purchase it here: Death for the Living


Pulchritudinous Professor seeks Sexy Scientific Sage: Mad Scientist Journal (Spring 2012)

Purchase it here: Mad Scientist Journal: Spring 2012


The Grinning Cat: Verto Publishing’s Gothic Tales of Terror anthology

Purchase it here: Gothic Tales of Terror


The Fourth River with Swords and Sorcery Magazine

Find it here: The Fourth River


The Burning Times in Nocturnal Press Publication’s Torched Anthology

Reviews Here: The Burning Times


How the Zombie Apocalypse Game Me Wood with Schlock! Webzine (warning, Rated R)

Purchase it here: How the Zombie Apocalypse Gave Me Wood


Against the Dying with Slink Chunk Press

Find it here: Against the Dying


Lady Donegal’s Fuel

Find it here: Lady Donegal’s Fuel


Whisper Me Goodnight with Pavor Nocturnus

Purchase it here: Whisper Me Goodnight


Rusty Remains with Aurora Wolf

Find it here: Rusty Remains