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“An Act of Consequence” Published at Every Day Fiction

My flash fiction piece, “An Act of Consequence”, has been published at Every Day Fiction. This is a story born of a writing exercise at a class at ConCarolinas 2014. I am pleased to see it placed on such a fine site.

Busy Holiday Season

Yesterday marked a welcome return to intensive writing after a fantastic yet frustrating period of writing (or not writing) over the holidays. After a fantastic NaNoWriMo project, the holidays ate my muse. I was often away from home, and writing conditions were constantly less than optimal. A trip to California for several weeks to have Christmas with that side of the family for the first time since I was four years old was wonderful, but it meant I got little quality writing time. I think I’ve managed maybe 4,000 words since Thanksgiving, a shocking figure. Now that I’ve put the holiday season to bed, however, I am back and ready to bang out some words and write some yarns, as Robert E. Howard would say. Let’s get at it!