The Pittsburgh Writers Meetup Group

This is a critique group I lead that operates on a Milford-style system. We meet with on a weekly basis. They’ve become friends outside of the group as well as fantastic individuals who help me work on my craft. I knew I had become serious about writing when I began giving up Saturday evenings to work on it!

Write or Die (WorD)

This is a writing critique group I attend in Pittsburgh. WorD is another set of wonderful folks I greatly enjoy being around, chatting about writing or life in general with. I have done several readings at their Halloween events, and these stories have found homes in various publications. They have become fast friends as well.


This is a Pittsburgh-based organization that has promoted science fiction, fantasy, and horror for over 30 years. They meet once a month, and host a yearly con called Confluence every July. Not only am I a member of PARSEC, but I coordinated the 2019 PARSEC Short Story Contest, and will appear as a panelist, guest author, and merchant at Confluence 2019.

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