In Your Write Mind Appearance

This past weekend I presented and sold/autographed books at the 2019 In Your Write Mind Workshop, hosted at Seton Hill University. What can I say? This is always a delightful time and a wonderful workshop. Saddened to only be able to attend on Saturday, I made the most of it. First of all, there were re-connections with friends and fellow authors. I also got to introduce around a new face, my friend Alfred Smith, and talk him up to all and sundry.

Then the panel I suggested on critique groups unfolded in a pleasant manner. With four panelists and few initial attendants, we sat around a big table rather than separate into panelists and audience. When more people funneled in, we welcomed them at the table for an insightful discussion on critique groups.

Finally, the book signing event was a smashing success. I lost so much money! Yes, I count that as a victory. This was only the second time I ever set out my shingle to sell books, so to speak, and I purposefully lowered prices to entice  sales. And it worked! Plus there were so many awesome people to chat with that evening. Honestly, it overwhelmed this introverted extrovert in a very, very good way. By the end of the night I was exhausted, ready for bed, and a bit chuffed at a fulfilling day.

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