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This website, and the sort-of blog I sometimes post on it, is usually dedicated solely to moi. As it should be, since it’s named after me, and I’m kind of a big deal, right? Well, I’m rather tired of tooting my own horn all the time, and I reckon you, my readers, are as well. In order to spice it up around here, I’ve decided to let you in on some fabulous writers I know who are working on and have published some wonderful things. Read these writers now!


I know Frank well, sharing a writing group with him (Write-or-Die, or WorD), and have beta read a novel he’s working on getting out. Not only is Frank a great writer, but the man can cook! You can read about it on his social media pages. Frank’s a horror maestro with lots of creative, deviously wonderful short stories out there to find. In fact, he has a new story, “The Worm Turns,” out in Corpus Press’s “Creatures of the Night,” that just dropped recently. You can find Frank on Twitter (@FrankOreto) and Facebook ( Read Frank Jason Oreto now!


I first met Shannon at the Nebulas in Pittsburgh, and it’s always nice running into her at events. She’s a freaking scientist with NASA–how cool is that? We even ran a kaffeeklatsch together at Confluence last month. Shannon was selling her book “Rights of Use,” which is book 1 in her Project Black Book series, at Confluence. She sold so many copies the first day, her husband had to drive several hours to deliver even more books. Get this one while it’s hot, folks! You can find Shannon on Twitter (@ShannonEichorn) and Facebook ( Read Shannon Eichorn now!


I know Larry from the WorD group as well, and we just shared a dealer’s table at Confluence. Larry’s a great guy that’s fun to hang around with. Get him to laugh, because he has one of the most entertaining laughs you’ll ever encounter. And he has a lot of stuff out. His recent book, “Magus Star Rising: A Tale of the Galactic Nexia” has been getting great reviews. He also has an anthology of short stories out, called “Beyond the Numinous: Tales of the Galactic Nexia.” You can find Larry on Twitter (@LarryIvkovich) and Facebook ( Read Larry Ivkovich now!


AJ is a relatively new writer with some fabulous credentials coming right out of the gate. He’s a good friend of mine, and a member of the writing group I run ( When he’s not rowing, or coaching rowers, he’s writing. AJ’s first short story got professionally published in Deep Magic. Another story, “Graveyard’s Whistle,” just won the 2019 PARSEC Short Story Contest and was published in the Confluence program. It might be more difficult to find that one, but imagine how valuable it’ll be when he’s a famous writer! You can find AJ on Twitter (@HarmonicAuthor) and Facebook ( Read AJ Smith now!

There you have it, dear followers. I plugged some fantastic writer friends instead of plugging myself this time around. What’s that, you say? I did kind of mention myself a few times? Sh! I won’t tell if you don’t. Forget about that, and read those writers now!

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